mad maids

Now, let's consider this. I am now employed as Coordinator of Training and Web at my workplace. My main job is to make sure that students who really seek to graduate with extra supporting skills are well trained in our monthly program. I have conducted lots of trainings which have discussed issues such as leadership, public speaking, how to survive in the occupational world, assertiveness, etc. However, up to now, I have had two maids already in five months and both of them ended up to resign. The third (current one) is nearly at the end of her spirit, which means there have already signs from her to resign soon. The first one resigned because she could not manage with my mother-in-law's maid (she is a tough and smart girl actually, but sometimes could be very annoying and moody). The second one, as mentioned in the previous posting, resigned because she did not really enjoy looking after a busy baby like mine. The third one (the current one) is a 14-year-old girl with a rather small body. She is just ok to work out her tasks, but I don't know, maybe she is too young to work as a maid in a big city like Surabaya. I mean, as a matter of fact, she should continue her education, anyway. She dropped out her high school to work for me. I did not ask her, do not misunderstand, she offered herself, but now... . It is just ironic, isn't it? My main job is to conduct trainings of how to survive in occupational world, while my own maids could not survive in their occupational world. It is just... weird and mad. I am almost sick to again and again waste my time teaching another new maid about their tasks. I desperately need one who likes her job and does not intend to work in few weeks or months only!

But... I think, to get the right one, I have to wait till I move in to my own house. Do you agree?

Tuesday, 30 October 2007
10:09 am

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Icha said...

wakakkakaka......easy there tiger.... (sorry to say this, it's a habit..wakakkak

I think you should wait for your new OWN house. You'll find the proper maid soon after that. One who really love and care about your baby, one who doesn't have to be annoyed by another maid and one who really can't continue her study (wakakak just kidding) i mean, one who really at her proper age to conduct this job.

So.... hope u'll find her soon...

Peace Yo!