how to tag??

I've got a tag from Icha weeks ago. Well, honestly, that was my first tag, so I did not know how to respond and reply and do the tag. I have told Icha about that, but it seems she is still expecting me to do something about the tag =). So, instead of using my application program in the computer to say something in the small picture, I will do it in my way. Hey, I like to do something different, rite?

So Icha..., this is only for you, coming out from the deepest heart:

I miss you, Ichaaaa... hueeeee!!!!! Even though you sometimes annoyed me... even though you were sometimes stormy... even though you sometimes liked to exaggerate something... I still miss you. I miss the way you manage to do the tasks I'd given to you, I miss you sitting in front on the usual computer and grumbling about the slow process of every application program, I miss to have lunch together with you, I miss your talkativeness, in short: I miss everything about you...!!! Come back, Chaaaaa................

Hosh hosh.... So? Is it a too-long tag? Or is it more like a message than a tag? Whatever... . For Icha... please come back to where you belong!!!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008
8:56 am

PS: This is why this posting is purple, coz purple or pink always reminds me to Icha, hehehehe.

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~~Devita~~ said...

wakakakkaka.... Duh ce, aku jadi terharu loh ce..wakkakaka... sabar ce.. tenang... everything is gonna be just fine. I miss you too...