stitch's temporary business

Oke. Let’s get down quickly on the business.

I am now representing jessie, who is still:

- Preparing herself for her first day working at the Japanese restaurant, in which she got another new job few days ago;
- Being addictive playing the Sims all day long and overlooking the expense she might spend on electricity charges;
- Finishing a book of Nicole Moone’s - no wonder her tummy is a bit swollen because she mostly vacates her butt to sit either in front of the computer playing the Sims or on sofa reading the book;
- Writing another fiction story which is, as a matter of fact, stuck at the moment because of, possibly, the two main activities she is doing above;
- Waiting for the news from Femina regarding to the grant of her writing;
- Wishing to fly to Indonesia where she could be more productive and useful before she is getting fat here.

Surely you know who I am? Yes. Stitch. I’ve been rarely cropped up, especially after jessie became more honest, decided to stop hiding behind me, and put off her mask in front of you all. She did not need me ever since. Well, obviously she will be back to write all of her stories in here by herself. And do not expect me to turn up often. She just won’t let me to.

Saturday, 29 April 2006
10:44 pm

ps: Just want to tell you that seriously, jessie is a bit chubbier ;D

live your life and your dream

Well, the gift that I have received several days ago obviously has something to do with Karina, a new character I created just few times afterward. It seems that my dream to be a writer is not too good to be true. I told you the door has opened for me and I’m now in to open the next door.

Everyone has their own dream. I do have mine too. However, I realize that it is not easy at all to reach the dream. Yes, I agree if it is, then it won’t be called a dream. Talking about dream means talking about life, which for me, is about to struggle. Not easy to reach the dream, not easy to have perfect life.

I still remember how I got jealous with one of my friend, who has now become one of my relatives, for what a smooth life she has. She is an outgoing person, which means most of her friends like her. She is an interesting girl, which means it’s not difficult for her to have a new boyfriend after splitting up with the old one. She gets the brain, which means she is well educated person. She has not any significant problem about her family. She has a good relationship with her mom. She could easily apply for her master degree without financial problem. And as though it is not perfect yet, once she got married, she did not have to face a problem of living-with-parents-or-parents-in-law and having-home-loan. I am not saying she does not have any problems at all. I believe she does. Yet I do not think she just understands me and my life – how I should struggle among my friends, how I confront family problem which is closely related with financial problem, how hard I attempt to have got a scholarship to grab a master degree (which is not successful yet until now).

I may say it is all under God’s rule, but it is not easy to accept that, though. In fact, I sometimes ask to nobody about why the others seem to have a perfect life, but had not I. Problems never get bored to linger around me.

However, my imperfect and unsmooth life has made me appreciate it even more – that everything which I have reached with difficulty becomes precious. If I had them easily, they might be pitifully neglected soon.

By the way, this is my dream. This is my uneasy life.

“… so reach for the stars;
climb every mountain higher; reach for the stars; follow your hearts desire; reach for the stars; and when that rainbow's shining over you; that's when your dreams will all come true;

there's a place waiting just for you; it's a special place where your dreams all come true; fly away; swim the ocean blue; drive that open road; leave the past behind you; don't stop; gotta keep moving; your hopes have gotta keep building; never ever forget that; i've got you and you've got me so …”

taken from Reach – S Club 7

So, no matter how hard it takes to grab my dream, I’m gonna do it. That is my decision on how to live my life – to make it precious, to make it come true. And the other’s life has nothing to do with mine, whatever perfect it is. Gosh, I wish I can introduce Karina to all of you soon…. Well, just wait and you’ll see….

Thursday, 27 April 2006
06:32 pm

another gift

Granny is getting better, Dad said. And I know God has been taking care of her indeed for me because I could not be there. That was one gift. Another gift came to me delivered by Dad via SMS. He told me I have won writing competition held by Femina magazine last year and it was informed via a letter. No, I do not win the first prize, I have only won ‘harapan 2’ but that fact has made me slightly happy. When I sent out the story, it was just too good to be true that I could win and my story would be regarded as the worthy one to be published at the magazine. I mean, I had ever sent one story to it, but then they mailed me to say that for some reason the story could not be published.

Well, I do like writing. That is why this blog exists, anyway. However, until now, I still do not have any idea that my writing is good enough to read by the other people. The fact that even my hubby rarely gives comments on my writings but only gives his ‘hmm’ has made me assume: it is just my dreamy idea that writing is truly one of my talents. I wrote several playwrights for theater, but I reckon none of them might be called a good literature. I know someone better than me in writing playwrights. And I have been tolerant enough to be compared with his every time I show my script to friends who also know him as well as his talent. On the other hand, when I read a friend’s writing, somehow I get stunned of the reason why I cannot even write the way she does.

Come on, give me a break, how could I tell you all the rubbish about the foolish question of I-genuinely-have-a-talent-in-writing-or-not after the gift I have received today? Maybe I should take it as a confirmation that the gift has opened the door I have been waiting to for a long time.

Monday, 24 April 2006
03:51 pm

ps 1: To all who has put my granny in your prayer, I know my thanks are not enough, but really big thanks for your prayer. Bless u.

ps 2: Honestly, I'm still not sure that I am really one of the winners in the writing competition, maybe I should check first before I am too flying to seventh heaven... .

to be or not to be

This week is the second week of Missionary program in Swanston Street Church of Christ. And before this very evening, I never thought about the purpose of churching.

I went to Sunday evening service and the Pastor who was in charge is from India. He is a missionary and at that moment he led us to have a passage from Acts 1:8. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”.

Ok. To tell you the truth, the passage has got me stunned. Why? It’s because the passage, as a matter of fact, is telling me the purpose of having church. Maybe that’s why God doesn’t let me join in the ministry yet here, I have to learn something new first. Yes, admittedly, I apparently used to have no idea about ministry itself. When I did my ministry at church in Indo, it turned out that I was too busy inside the church building. I was too busy to design programs for the local community. I was too busy to perceive that ministry is more than that. Ministry is more than designing a list of splendid events for special occasions like Easter and Christmas. Ministry is more than having a play-act on stage like I used to do or conducting the biggest play ever at church. Ministry is more than doing charity on the street. Ministry is not only performed inside the wall of church building, but also outside the wall of it. And that is the main purpose of churching.

For nearly twenty years I had thought I had done much things for God, yet right now I do not even think I had done much things for Him. I had done much things for the church, yes, for the people, to make them happy to keep coming to the church. I even still remember how we were too busy to be more concerned about how we worship, how we sing, how we praise God. We were too busy to reject anything new that actually might build a better community in the place. We were too busy about the system and did not even aware that we have been undoubtedly controlled by the system and placed us under it to decline someone who actually had a desire to serve Him as a pastor. For goodness’ sake, haven’t anybody ever been declined by Him? Why we are too busy with the secondary purpose of churching and do seem to overlook the main one?

In fact, there are only two choices for human before God; those are to believe and not to believe. And after we choose to believe, there is only one option after all; that is to be His witness in this world. That is obviously the key purpose of churching.

I am not declaring myself to be a missionary, anyway, but at least when someone asks me to be or not to be, I am exactly to be. I am to be His witness wherever He puts me. And the other things are well positioned on the second line.

Sunday, 23 April 2006
10:51 pm


Mom sent me message last night. It turned out to be about granny. Granny has looked unhealthy recently. She’s been brought to doctor and the doctor said she’s all fine. I am not sure what happens to granny, as a matter of fact. And today is her birthday, by the way. She is a beautiful 84-year-old lady and not a common granny. She likes Westlife more than I do. Boxing is one of her favorite sport to watch. I still remember when I was in high school, I was watching the video of Oasis, granny told me that it’s a nice song. Geez, I am not sure no old woman but her likes that group.

To be honest, yes, I am a bit worried. We have a close relationship. She had brought me up along with my parents. I learned loads from her. She is not just a granny, she is a best friend as well. Dad and mom had reminded me to call her on her birthday. I guessed they’re afraid I would forget it, how could I? I never forget granny’s big day. Yet, when I gave her a call and my auntie picked it, I should say that granny is unhealthy indeed. I mean, for an old woman like her, it is simply understandable that sometimes she does not feel well, but I never expect that granny would not talk, get up from her bed and do something except laying down as though she is a boneless creature. Yes, auntie said so. Granny has no desire either to talk nor to do something else like usual. She cannot get up from her bed. And the worse thing, granny has assumed that there is something wrong with her body even though the doctor said she is physically very well. She talked to me, though. Finally. Her voice sounded weak, but she could still tell me that she missed me after I gave wishes of her birthday. I tried to tease and cheer her up just like usual to make her and myself more comfortable – so that I am not to be too worried about her. It’s not that easy, though. Just after I hang up the phone, tears fell down on my cheek. I am absolutely worried about her. The idea of possible-coming-bad-things has cropped up in my mind. I wish I could fly to Indo to visit her, to let her know that I care and love her indeed. I definitely know that my tears were nothing and could not help her. I just could not stop it falling.

My hubby said I could just do praying here. And I disagree with him. Praying is not just. Praying is something more than just. I can tell you that Dad in heaven listens to my prayer and is taking care of granny for me. I believe so. And, please, if you don’t mind, put my granny in your prayer as well.

Saturday, 21 April 2006
11:38 pm

easter, livid, books

Happy easter..!!

Never presume that Easter celebration at Melbourne would be that marvellous. I mean, I was always extremely busy at Indo whenever Easter approaches, preparing everything for activities during the occasion at church, rigidly thinking other different bustles to have more splendid occasion. Right here, I am obviously not involved in any ministry activity at church. And when I came to Easter celebration yesterday, there was no sign of special ceremony. Well, they might use a different system which then took a longer ceremony than usual, but that’s all. Oh, I really, really miss designing bustles of special occasion like I used to do. In here, Easter deals with bunnies and eggs (lots of chocolates in bunny and egg are in sale out there!), which I’m not sure of the correlation between those two things and Easter. I thought Easter should be celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus, rite?

Anyway, I am now struggling with livid on my up-left cheek. Every time it’s getting smaller, it is then accidentally hit by another thing again. And like it is not enough yet, my hubby made it worse last time when he by accident smacked me right on the same place! It was very painful aftermath, getting bigger and then, blackened. I have pasted lots of medicine on the livid, and today is the third day I stick a yellow junior band-aid on it. Comical, I reckon. An old man once greeted me on tram last two days and asked me about how I got it. Pretty funny, isn’t it, I suppose in here, you can have a stranger speak to you as though you two have very well known each other and tell that you are a lovely girl, just because you stick a yellow junior band-aid on livid of your face? Well, maybe I have made breakthrough, because I suppose women around here are crazy about beauty, which obviously talks about slim body, nice hair, and smooth face. No, I do care about my livid and just because a stranger told me how lovely I am with this yellow band-aid, I stop pasting medicine on the livid? No way! By the way, any idea how to vanish it? Except going to doctor or beauty center, of course, because I do not think I have much money to pay them.

What? Books? Oh yes! I almost forget I put books in my title. Well, surprise, surprise, my hubby, who is definitely not a nerd even though he has pretty thick glasses before his eyes, were shopping books yesterday! We were going to Book and CD exhibition at Melbourne Exhibition Center after having Easter ceremony. He heard from his friend that the prices were about $1-2. Cheap, eh? Perhaps, that explained why he took me there, hehe. After a couple of hours slipping ourselves among thousands of books (!) – and I got dizzy to pick which books I would love to purchase, because I thought I wanted all!! – I picked 5 books with me and he picked (unpredictably) even 2 more books aka 7 books with him to purchase. And guess what, he even has started reading one of them on the tram by the way home. Hmm, cute..!

Monday, 17 April 2006

03:50 pm

... well, it's over again

So…? What have I done? After getting a job that I had been looking for since I came here? I quit. Well, this blog now proudly presents: JESSIE THE HOUSEWIFE IS BACK!!

No…, I’m not that proud, though. I’m not happy at all that I am now once again, unemployed and let my hubby be the only bread winner at home. I take it, you must ask why I should quit? I suppose I have broken one of PCC’s golden rules: never be a grasshopper. I mean, I started my training last Wednesday, and this Wednesday I’ve already been seated at the computer lab, looking for another job – after all the loving details I have presented to you all that I’ve got a job. Yet, I promise not to employ myself in Chinese Restaurant if I still would like to earn much money, to have good salary, and to build a house once I go back to Indonesia.

My problem at the workplace, as a matter of fact, deals with the boss. I do not think I could stand working well with his style. Yes, Mr. L, I guess, must have a very quiet wife, because he, as a man, is a very talkative person. During the training, I had been given the same instructions delivered for countless times a day. Something like: ‘do you understand or not?’, ‘you don’t worry, I train people, I know how to train people.’, ‘you’re no good at all on pouring beer, you should do like this (he gave example, he went off, got back and did the same thing all over again – I’d just realized how stupid I was just to do pouring beer!!)’, ‘you must remember where the drinks are, otherwise you cannot work’, ‘you must be able to work here’, ‘use your common sense! I’ve told you many times!’, ‘you look them (the staffs – jc), they’re very happy working here, it is very pleasant to work here.’(and are you trying to say I’m insane because I’m unhappy working here?), ‘I’m the boss here, it’s not easy for me as the boss to train new staff, you know, you won’t find the boss like me in the other place like in here.’, ‘it’s not easy to teach, you know, but I know how to teach’, ‘look through the notes I gave, if you read it at home, it will be easier for me to teach you.’, or ‘you’re lucky you don’t study like the other girls, you don’t do anything at home (what?? You think I felt lucky with that fact?? I would like to study as well!)’ were buzzing around my ears over and over during 10 hours training a day. He also expected me not to be absent at all during the 2-weeks training. And today, I was supposed to do my training from 11am to 3pm and 4pm to 10pm. Who do you think I am, Mr. L?? Wonder woman?

Then, I had made last night to be my last training day. I did my best. I helped what I could do. He had allowed me to serve customers a little bit, but mostly after I did, he pulled me off the table and gave lots of snappish instructions of this and that in front of the customers (and what he did had reminded me once when I was in high school and the teacher found me cheating and he snapped me in front of my classmates). Once I heard one customer told Mr. L that I was doing very well, but he said it’s all because he trained me. Hey, Mr. L, have I done much effort too?? You don’t think so?? How come??

Yesterday, I asked him (and I reckon, I had right to ask such question, did I?) about when I could start working. That’s all. He gave me a pissed-off look, as though I was too impatient to do my training, and the consequence was I had to receive his repetitious more-snappish instructions and hundreds of critics dealt with my question that could redden my ears. I gave him five words of one question, and he answered me hundreds words of snaps and barks.

That was my main problem. The other one was about salary. I thought in the very first time, the salary was good enough. Yet I was mistaken. All the waiters/waitress are paid per shift, not per hour (I’d observed after my hubby suggested me to do so). For dinner time (4pm – 12am) of Sunday to Thursday, we are paid $50; of weekends, we are paid $55, for lunch (11am – 3pm), we are paid $30 and we could still have tips from the customers. According to my interview with one of the waitress, the top record of the given tips she’s ever known was $50. It’s in a rare condition (full house and crowded). So, give me your opinion, is it reasonable enough between the money you will earn and all the tasks you must do? Let me give you a bit description of the tasks.

The tasks include:
1. Making drinks (spirits, with fat glass --> gin, vodka, tequila, etc ; bitter drinks, with tall glass --> bitter lime lemonade, bitter lime soda, etc; wines, with wine glass --> red wine, chardonnay, mossele, etc; beers, with beer glass --> crown lager, cascade light, heiniken, etc; common drinks, with normal glass --> coke, lemonade, lemon squash, ice water, etc; hot drinks, with cup --> cappuccino, white flat, espresso, etc). You will also be highly expected to remember where they exactly are and the correct price of them;
2. Carrying trays in proper way (with things on them);
3. Carrying bowls, plates, big plates, glasses in proper way;
4. Using spoon and fork in proper way (chopsticks likely);
5. Setting the table in proper way once after customers leaving;
6. Pouring beer and wine in proper way to every customer and always ask them if they need more drinks (for more money, definitely);
7. Remembering all the prices of all the menu, including soups, entrees, main dishes, desserts, banquets, drinks, and additional meal;
8. Taking orders with accurate procedure;
9. Serving the customers for their main dishes every time they need or do not need (actually) and special menu, for instance: crabs, lobster, etc;
10. Recognizing all the dishes in several days only;
11. Cleaning the restaurant, excluding the kitchen and toilets – (thank goodness!);
12. Washing glasses (it’s the easiest part!);
13. Waving your hand to invite pedestrians, especially the Australians, the white people, who happen to pass in front the restaurants to come in and eat there. In short, be a display girl;
14. Purchasing your own uniform ($25 for white blouse, $10 for black long skirt, $40 for black shoes);
15. Bringing your own pen (because your boss does not provide) to write all the orders of your boss’ customers.

Is it ok if I quit? Do you think it’s easy for me to ask Mr. L to quit? It’s absolutely not, for a girl like me. It’s been six days of training, anyway and I’ve been well ahead. If I quit, both of us have really been wasting our time. We have. Gosh, I thanked God Mr. L did not say anything but let me go, once I went to his restaurant and asked to resign.

However, after all the experience I did in the restaurant, I realize something that how fortunate I was working in my previous workplace (read: PCC) – with a very nice boss (I miss you, K’Lisa!!), helpful and friendly colleagues, who can be particularly best-friends in need and indeed (Lydia, B’Magda, Desi, Yulan, Bambang, I really miss you all, believe it or not!). I am about to learn to appreciate my tasks as a staff in PCC, which I sometimes supposedly make it easier than it should be.

That’s it. I am now a free agent, but I’m not giving up. No, I am not going to grumble and whimper to be jobless again. I’m not jobless, however. I am a housewife. And I want to be a great housewife as well for my hubby.

Wednesday, 12 April 2006
08:40 pm

jc's 5 top wanted things

jc's 5 top wanted things that are unavailable at melbourne:

1. goling! You can't find goling anywhere here, otherwise you have to bring your own goling from indo.
2. mie ujung pandang/ ujung pandang egg-noodles! and I also miss the hot sambal which can make me get stomache in the following morning. I don't care, anyway!
3. soto pekalongan (a yummy traditional food of Pekalongan, my hometown); I've asked some friends where to buy tauco here, but they have no idea... ughhhh!
4. megono (another yummy and hot traditional food of Pekalongan made of young jackfruit); I absolutely understand that I won't find any restaurant here serving this food!
5. kepiting prima/ prima crab (with special spices, nyemmm...); crab is very expensive here and it may not be as tasty as Prima's. For those who do not know what Prima is, Prima is a restaurant in Comal, Pekalongan which serves tasty, yummy, and spicy food, specialized in crab.

Why do 4 out of 5 jc's wanted things above deal with food? And why do I terribly want those food?? I don't have any idea, but for your information, my weight has increased 4 kilos up to yesterday! I never reached 44 kilos before. Hello, hello, jc's getting fatter... praise the Lord! And when I go back to Indonesia, I am going to ask anyone (maybe you? or you? or you?) , including my hubby (who is also not getting thinner here, even gets bigger tummy) to consume the food I've been missing for nearly a year.

Monday, 10 April 2006
03:01 pm

the africans and me (maybe you as well)

No trams were in service on Swanston street yesterday. However, we did not want to miss the Sunday service, not in Palm Sunday.

Well, anyway, the pastor who was in charge at the service is doing his ministry with his family in Africa. Do not imagine him as an old man with grey hair and thick glasses, but a funky man with modern brown highlighted hair. He is a singer (he has a very good voice!!) as well as a pastor. So, that Sunday service became a little bit show on stage.

He told about his ministry in Africa and showed us the video he had taken there. He said that Africa is awfully well known with poverty, hunger, etc. When I was watching the video, something touched and questioned me. Blessed as I am, living in this country which is completely in different condition, I can have good meal everyday, I can still buy things I need, I still have a home to settle in? And cursed as they are, living in such country, they cannot have good meal everyday, they may not be able to buy things they need, and a home they so-call is probably much worse than mine? Of course not. What has touched me, however, is how unthankful I am with all I have right now. The Africans I watched in the video were happy people. They like to dance, sing, play on the field and forest. And I? A little problem (with my hubby, my parents, my friends) can make me straightly furious and have ill-feeling. I never call my days as happy days as the Africans do. They have meal to eat, they’re happy. They have home to settle in, they’re happy. They live in Africa, they’re happy. No complaints, no objection. Yet, why can I not be happy everyday with all I have which they do not have? Do I have a higher level of reasons to be happy than they do? Why can they be happy with simple little things while I cannot be? Perhaps that simply explains one main reason why people even living in better countries often have serious illness, like heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc. They are seldom to be happy.

Well, the Africans I watched in the video have somewhat reminded me how I should live my life. Be cheerful. Be happy. Be thankful. Yes, I can still be sad, frustrated, stressed, I’m still human anyway but I won’t have them living within me all the time. Cheerful heart is really medicine, I’m telling you.

Be happy and make a healthy community. Cheers.

Monday, 10 April 2006
9:16 am

my first job, my first shopping at melbourne

Mr. G.L. : … take the notes with you home, learn them and come back here tomorrow at 4 o’clock to start your training
JC : (surprisingly) So, I got the job, Sir?
Mr. G.L. : Yes, you got the job, otherwise I would not ask you to buy the uniform
JC : (seriously excited) So I’m supposed to go home now and bring this note with me?
Mr. G.L. : (somewhat smiling) Yes, you may go home now and tell your husband that you’ve got a job here. Just make sure you’ll be here at 4 o’clock tomorrow.
JC : OK, Mr. L. Thank you very much! See you tomorrow!

Well, I reckon you can very easily guess where the above conversation is going to lead you. Yes!! I finally got a job! But first of all, let me give you the situational detail of what had happened two days ago.

Day 1 – 3 April 2006
At computer lab of Melbourne university (around 1pm)
Here I was mostly spending the time in order to look for a job. I got no message that implicitly told me I was still, sorry to say, unemployed and becoming a full-timer housewife. However, I didn’t give up easily. I was slightly sure enough that I got a work soon. After I applied a couple of vacant positions (a receptionist and shop assistant), I entered myself into the website of Melbourne university. Surprisingly, I found a vacancy to work in Chinese Restaurant, which I did want to post the resume few times ago – the one which asked all applicants to come after 11am to submit the resume but when I got there, it was closed – and had slightly a strange intuition that I had to get back there and re-submitted my resume. I re-read all the details of the vacancy and made sure the employer truly did not need experienced waiter/waitress and was willing to give training. As a matter of fact, I did not really care about how much he would pay me for. I needed a job! Therefore, I logged off the computer, collected my belongings and got out of the computer lab – heading to the city in order to re-submit my resume to the restaurant.
(around 2pm)
The restaurant was as before I came, but now only two customers were around. Then, I got in, a waitress came to me, once knew why I cropped up and told me to wait for the boss to see me. When the boss saw me, he asked my resume, read it for a while and gave me some questions like: ‘what’re you doing here?’, ‘haven’t you worked before?’, and when I said yes, he re-asked: ‘but not as a waitress, were you?’. I was a bit worried when he said so, wondering as though I came here again for nothing. After a slight pause, he asked me to go home and promised me to give me a call if he needed me. Honestly, I wasn’t sure at that time, that he would give me the job.
At home (around 5pm)
My regular activity of watching TV in the evening was interrupted with a call. I wasn’t annoyed, however, since it was from the boss (Mr. G.L.) of the Chinese restaurant, who asked me to come in the following day to have an interview with him. I would absolutely come, Sir!! Wait for me!! Yaiy!!

Day 2 – 4 April 2006
At computer lab of Melbourne university (around 12-1 pm)
I entered the website where I read the vacancy of the Chinese restaurant to make sure about the salary (as my hubby asked me to do so, too). And I did not find anything to do with it, only a note that the salary rate will be as much as starred hotel. Ung….
At the Chinese restaurant (around 2 pm)
I was asked to wait because he was a bit busy at that moment, serving a group of businessmen having lunch there. A few minutes passed and I found myself being asked related to the job I should handle. He said that the prices of the meal in the restaurant are not cheap, a bit expensive, though. He showed me a menu and once knew that he obviously did not lie ($25-$100 for a meal, $5 for a common drink and $more for special drinks). After the interview, he asked me to purchase a uniform for myself: a formal long white blouse, a formal long black skirt and black shoes. I could purchase any model of those stuffs, which should make me comfortable enough to wear them on. He gave me a couple of hours to purchase all of those things (and also gave a suggestion where I could find them with not-too-expensive price) and took a highlight that if I wanted the job, I had to go back there with the uniform. A bit confused of his order, I got on the road without an idea where should I go. However, the first thing I did was sending message to my hubby, asking his permission to spend his money with me because I assumed that would be a little bit big shopping. And for your information, this was my first shopping (out of food and daily needs) in Melbourne. Anyway, I, then decided to call Pei Fun, one of my friends who has lived here for more than one year and I was sure she could help me where to find the stuffs I need. I did the right thing, yes. She helped me a lot by giving ideas of some stores, where I could shop not-too-expensively. So, there I purchased $25 for the blouse at Target Department Store and $9.95 for the skirt at Katies. Big shopping, eh? What about the black shoes? I got them free, actually, thanks to Pei Fun, as she lent me hers for a few times until I got another time to buy the new one for me.

I got back to the restaurant much earlier than the boss was expecting. He showed me the notes of all I should do as a waitress, headed me to the kitchen to show some stuffs that I need to know and… yes, I got the job.

I rushed out of the restaurant with obvious happy face wearing on, thanking my Dad for the job. Yesterday was one of the others beautiful days of my life (even a bit windy, though)! Sing it: o happy day… lalalalalalalalala….

Wednesday, 5 April 2006
11:59 am

ps: thank you to all my friends who have been worried with/about me when I was looking for a job and prayed for it. Your support was highly appreciated. I’ll do my best!!

welcoming autumn

Well, well, well, I assume we are going to say goodbye to summer! Good bye, bikinis. Good bye, top tanks. Good bye, short pants. Good bye, sunglasses. Good bye, sandals. And let us welcome… jacket, sweater, sock, boot, glove, scarf – anything that can keep you warm. Hiks, I am oddly sad for that matter. It is obviously because I guess I am better to survive in hot days (proud never to be sweaty every time hot days approach)! And now I am forced to welcome cold days. Geez…, I was seriously frustrated watching evening news about next week temperatures: 22, 19, 18, 19, 16(!), 19, 23. I can’t stop trembling, that’s why. How can you expect me to dodge of my warm blanket to do the house works? How can you wash your loads of dishes at your kitchen with icy waters? How can you expect me to take a shower every day if whenever I’m out of it, I can’t stop trembling for the next few minutes, even hours?

Forget it. Do not argue, because I won’t be grumbling all the time. It’s obviously useless. Welcome, Autumn…!!! I am attempting to be friendly with you!

Monday, 3 April 2006
11:20 pm